Kettle Chips packet in blown glass by KT Yun. Commissioned by Kettle Foods.

Kettle Chips packet in blown glass by KT Yun. Commissioned by Kettle Foods.

KT Yun is a Somerset based artist working in hot glass. She was recently chosen by ‘Kettle Chips’ to take part in their ‘love of craft’ campaign where she can be seen blowing glass (wine glasses) for their television advert alongside a group of other artist/makers. KT was then asked to create a Kettle crisp packet out of blown glass as promotion for their new flavour ‘Lime and Black pepper’ but also to continue the theme that their crisps are hand-made with care.

Outside of her involvement in advertising campaigns KT is director with Helga Watkins-Baker of a busy school for glass education called The Glass Hub in Wiltshire where she teaches hot glass blowing techniques and produces her own functional glassware ranges and sculptural works. In 2011 KT also formed a company developing small portable furnaces for glassblowing called Minimelt Glass with engineer David Billington.

Background: KT has absorbed a wealth of experience over many years spent travelling and working in diverse factories and studios around the world, picking up skills and a cocktail of techniques. From an early age a fascination for nature and a love of drawing began. Her keen exploration of the structure of plants, animals and insects informs her glass design and unique style.

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