KT has absorbed a wealth of experience in glassblowing and sculpture from working with a variety of international glass artists, teaching in various posts, and blowing production in many hot glass studios.

KT was born and raised in The Scottish Highlands, near Loch Ness. She first came across glass at art school at the age of 17 and went on to study for her glass degree at  UCA Farnham,  where she continued to teach part-time for 10 years.   She then moved fully into teaching, co-founding The Liquid Glass Centre in Wiltshire.

After 5 years at Liquid Glass she returned to making her own work, as well as assisting Sonja Klingler in Frome, Somerset.   In 2009  KT began teaching and demos with the mobile studio ” Glass Genie”, which evolved  into a business which  produces small scale furnaces.  KT now runs  Minimelt Glass in Wiltshire with David Billington.

In 2012 KT took over the premises of the former Liquid Glass, and formed The Glass Hub that has developed into a busy and exciting centre for glass education in South West England.

KT uses hot glass as her chosen artistic material and is passionate about the process as well as the product, using traditional techniques and merging them into contemporary styling – producing unique and graphic imagery.

To view examples of KT’s work, please scroll up and visit the gallery page. To view KT Yun’s CV please click here.